Spiritual Healing & Mastership - Healing the Core

Matthias Hartl is Spiritual Healer, Author and Coach. Over the years of studying realms outside the "thinking in the box" area he has devoloped accurate tequniques to heal the core energy.


Spiritual Healing and Healing the core inside you. 


Healing the core inside you heals all the negative energy that has accumulated over your life. 


All you have to do is to open up and allow your body to remember the light that is living inside you. 


All humans have a core energy. If you unleash this energy, you remember.

It's virtually a shift going on. 


The shift is from one form of energy to a new lighter way of being.     


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Healing Sessions are offered in Anif (Salzburg) in Austria or anywhere you want in this World.


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Spiritual Healing - Healing the Core

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